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The adoption agency we were with just closed its doors. We are seeing this more and more. Is AdoptHelp experiencing any slow down?

Thank you for your question.   We believe that some of what you are observing stems from the closing down of international adoption programs.  As a private adoption law firm exclusively focused on voluntary domestic adoption, we have not been affected by this.    In fact, we are very proud to report that we are having another great year.  Indeed, for the past seven years, AdoptHelp has consecutively increased the number of successful adoptions through our program and we are on pace to exceed our goal this year.  We have developed a highly proprietary and effective advertising and outreach program that is at the core of our success.  We maintain very thorough program statistics which we are happy to share with our potential clients and would be happy to send you references from clients who have used our program in the past.  Should you like to learn more about our program, we can send you a packet of information about our program and set up and office or phone consultation so we can explain how our program works and answer any questions you may have.