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Birth Mother Question: I was just wondering if you get any feedback from birth mothers a year or two after placement regarding their outlook on adoption and their decision to place?

As a birth mother who placed a baby through AdoptHelp two years ago, Mark asked me to answer this question.  I have spoken with many birth mothers who have placed over the years through my support group on the Web.  The good news is that I am not aware of any birth mothers who regret their decision.  I have talked with some who wished that they weren't in the position they were in.  Then again, I also have talked to women who have placed twice, who couldn’t be happier because there was no other option in their opinion. Every woman, no matter what their story, although they have had their hard times, does not for a single second regret what they did. They know they did what was best for their child, and they respect their story. It has changed more lives than one, and as birth mom’s, that’s what we strive for. Changing not only the lives of our child, but the life of the parent or parents that will love and nourish our child.  From my experience, most birth mothers have the same outlook; they are proud and stand with their heads held high!

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