Entries in choosing the right adoption professional (2)

QUESTION: Friends of ours adopted twins through a local attorney. He charged them twice the legal fees because they adopted two babies at once. We also saw on adoption forum sites that some programs charge extra fees if the prospective adoptive parents want to be selective on gender, race, etc. Does your program have a similar fee structure?

ANSWER: No, our clients are free to pursue any type of adoption they wish with whatever filters that are right for them.  There are not any additional fees for adopting twins or pursuing a specifically targeted adoption.  Our program places a strong emphasis on fostering an environment that lets clients personalize their adoption plan without being restrained by an aggressive fee structure.

Birth Mother Question: Everyone I contact seems to want to force me into counseling and having a very open adoption. Do I have to?

Answer: No. Don’t ever let anyone impose their set of beliefs about how your adoption should be planned. There is nothing more personal then selecting a family to adopt your child and creating an adoption plan. In our program, you can pursue any type of adoption you would like. Many birth mothers love to speak with a counselor regularly during and after the placement and many birth mothers do not wish to have any counseling at all. This decision is completely up to you as we have no counseling requirements. With respect to contact, we can help you pursue any level of contact you wish. We find that adoptive families span from wanting a very closed to very open adoptions. No matter what your wish is with respect to contact, there will be wonderful families wanting the exact same type of adoption plan you seek. Remember to make sure that any adoption professional you consider respects your wishes and fully understands the type of adoption plan that is right for you.