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QUESTION: Friends of ours adopted twins through a local attorney. He charged them twice the legal fees because they adopted two babies at once. We also saw on adoption forum sites that some programs charge extra fees if the prospective adoptive parents want to be selective on gender, race, etc. Does your program have a similar fee structure?

ANSWER: No, our clients are free to pursue any type of adoption they wish with whatever filters that are right for them.  There are not any additional fees for adopting twins or pursuing a specifically targeted adoption.  Our program places a strong emphasis on fostering an environment that lets clients personalize their adoption plan without being restrained by an aggressive fee structure.

Adoptive Parents: How much contact can we expect to have with the birth mother from the time we decide to match to the birth of the baby?

Answer:  The amount of contact that you’ll have with your birth mother will vary, depending on the situation. However, most birth mothers and adoptive families who pursue an open adoption email and/or talk on the phone about once a week. This is important for both parties as it’s a way for everyone to get to know each other and feel more comfortable with one another. Because prospective adoptive parents are almost always in the labor and delivery room for the birth of the baby, we suggest that you meet your birth mother in person prior to the hospital. This is a wonderful way to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible with one another. Your adoption caseworker will help you in deciding how often you should be in contact with your birth mother based on the birth mother’s comfort level, as well as your own.